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Battery Tips by Seth Moore


Battery Tips by Seth Moore

Here is an article contributed by Seth Moore, a subscriber to the RCCarTips newsletter.

I'm Seth Moore and I will be talking about some battery tips and how to keep your batteries running good. 

One thing before you start looking for batteries is to find a good battery
charger. Get the best peak charger your can afford. Make sure it has a
discharger. Now when getting a battery the higher the number the better it
will be. 6 and 7 cell batteries are different 6 cell is standard. 

If you get a 7 cell make sure your speed control can have 7 cell batteries. Also Ni-mh batteries are better the ni-cd, ni-cd batteries have memory and only go up to 2400, the battery will only let you charge up the what you charged up to what you charged up to the first time like Ni-mh doesn't have a memory. Some dischargers can erase the memory like mine a indy l6i2 a $80 charger. 


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