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Cleaning Ball Bearings

Tips on Cleaning Ball Bearings

Clean ball bearings will make your car run faster and longer. The cleaner the bearings, the smoother the transmission, the faster the rc car.

Here is a tip on how to clean ball bearings. First find a small plastic container where you can place the ball bearings.

Cleaning ball bearings using WD-40

Here I am using a plastic film container used to store camera film. The ball bearings are then sprayed with WD-40 oil.

Clean ball bearing by shaking

Next cover the container then vigorously shake the container. This will loosen and remove the dirt trapped inside the bearings. Remove the bearings from the container, dump the dirty oil, and repeat the process (spraying the bearings with WD-40) until the oil is clear even after shaking the container.

Tip: WD-40 is really more of a cleaner with an oiling and anti rust property. If you really want smooth bearings, use light oil (e.g. Trinity oil, CRP Break Free) to lubricate the bearings after they are clean. Usually a drop is all that is needed.

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Hope these tips help you out.

Joel M

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