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Clod Buster TL01 RC Truck

Customized Clod Buster / TL01 RC Truck

Seen at a local truck is this unique, customized rc pickup truck. It has a Clod Buster pickup truck body on a Tamiya TL01 chassis that has been lengthened by a few inches.

Clod Buster TL-01 RC Truck
Project Clod Buster Pickup Truck

The Tamiya TL01 chassis was cut and lengthened by a few inches to match the wheelbase of the Tamiya Clod Buster body. A longer, custom built aluminum drive shaft was made to fit to the longer chassis.

Clod Buster Pickup Truck
Customized Clod Buster Pickup Truck

Other modifications include the use of Tamiya Honda CRV rubber tires mounted on Kyosho wheels.

Custom RC Pickup Truck

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