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Mabuchi Motor Cleaning Tips

How To Clean a Mabuchi 540 Sealed Motor

The Mabuchi 540 is a popular motor that usually comes with an rc car kit. It is a good and durable motor. However being sealed, it is very difficult to clean the commutator and motor brushes.

Mabuchi electric rc car motor

What you can try to do is use a very fine sandpaper (at least 1200 grit) to clean the dirt, carbon deposits, and gum on the commutator.

Cleaning Mabuchi motors

Simply fold the sandpaper and insert into one of the open slots in the Mabuchi 540 motor can. Then slowly rotate the armature so that the sandpaper is rubbing and cleaning the commutator. It is easier to rotate the armature if you attach the pinion gear.

Remember to use very fine sandpaper, otherwise you will cause deep scratches on the commutator.

Tip 2: You can also clean a Mabuchi electric motor by running it at a slow speed, then spraying the commutator with RC Motor Sprays specifically designed to clean electric rc motors.

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Hope these tips help you out.

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