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What is happening the world of nitro rc cars? What brands and models are the most popular? What cars are best and fastest for nitro rc car racing? Here are some of the more popular topics of discussion and tips as posted on forums.

RCTech.net Radiocontrolzone.com

Mugen MTX-3
Serpent 710
Kyosho VoneR
HPI R40 Nitro Car Forum
Kyosho FW-05R
Trinity G4 Team Magic
Kyosho V-one rrr
Kyosho V-One S
Kyosho Evolva
Murnan Modified Motors
Yokomo GT-4
RD Logics Mongoose
Mugen MRX-4
New 1/8 on-road XR8
Ofna CD-3
Schumacher R12 Fusion
GQ Tires
New 200mm Lola Body Shells
Pinoy Racers
Kawahara ZT-1/FW05 Conversion
Skyline Racing Products
Mugen MTX-4
Delta XP4
Serpent 950R
DSM Spectrum 2.4GHz Radio System
Tire Choice for Parking Lot Racing
Sanwa/Airtronics M11
Serpent 950/950R
Neo Attack 235mm Road Car
Tamiya TG-10 MK.2
.18 Touring Car Racing

HPI RS4 3/SS/Evo
Kyosho GP Spider
Mugen Prime 12/MSX3
Kyosho Superten GPs and FW-04
Associated Nitro TC3
Yokomo GT-4 Thread
HPI R40 Forum
PRP XR8 1/8 on-road Forum
Nitro RS4 mini
HPI 1/8 Proceed 4wd Nitro
Traxxas Nitro-4TEC
HPI Nitro RS4, Super Nitro
Trinity/Team Magic G4
CEN CT4S nitro RTR Touring Car
Ofna Ultra GTP
Ofna Hyper10 Sedan
Tamiya XBG Nitro Ready to Run
Mugen MTX-2
Serpent 950R
Kyosho Landmax
Kyosho FW-05R
RC10 Nitro Dual Sport
Thunder Tiger TS4N Pro
GS Vision Pro
.12 TZ
What On-Road Car to Buy?
Pull Start vs Starter Box
What is Fastest or Best .15 Engine?
OS CV .12 Settings
How Can I Tell if I Need a New Glow Plug?


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