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Remote Control Car Driving Tips

I have been driving rc cars for over 20 years. The funny thing is I think I drove better when I was a kid, than I do today. I guess our reflex is faster when we are young.

My driving style is the smooth, flowing, easy on the car style. This is probably slower than the hard driving style of fast acceleration, hard on the brakes. But by driving smooth and slower, we can drive more consistently and lessen driving errors. This smooth style is also easier on the batteries and motors of electric remote control cars.

Here is how I drive...

  1. Slowly squeeze the throttle when accelerating.
  2. For corners that are big and flowing, I sometimes just let of the throttle and roll the car through the turns.
  3. If corners are sharp, I slowly brake the car in a straight line before entering the corner. Once I have the correct speed, I steer the car through the turn.
  4. Note that steering and braking at the same time will most likely cause your car to go out of control (spin).
  5. I try to drive slowly but consistently.

You might feel that driving slowly will not win races. That may be true in world championships, but for club racing and national races... this style has allowed me to win races. I was the 1999 Neo Gas Touring Car Champion and 1999 Futaba Gas Open Champion. My car was not the fastest in the races, but I drove consistently lap after lap, winning the races.

To drive better and faster, there are no real secrets. Practice, practice, and more practice. Also, try to note the "racing line" or path that fast drivers take when going around an rc track. 

Have fun!

Joel Mangilit

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