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A record breaking 28 drivers, 26 cars and 12 different chassis. Plus the attendance of wives, girlfriends and kids.

A big welcome to the racers and to the new faces Bernard, Rodil, Jerome and Taka. And a bigger welcome to the families who accompanied the racers. Thanks to the wives and girlfriends for supporting.

An eventful afternoon full of racing excitment and technological chassis battles. Tamiya F103, F104, F201, 3Racing FGX, F109, Exotek F1R and HPI F10 f1 rc cars.

Formula One R/C Cars Video Highlight

A quick video summary of the event. Great racing action. Great people at the track. So much fun.

This time a lot of racers arrived early. All eager to get some practise laps in before the 1:45pm fastest lap qualifying session.

F1 RC Cars Girl Drivers

Above: Watch out guys. The supergirls are coming!

Tamiya F201 RC Car

Photo: I usually award concours to the best body paint scheme. But this week concours belongs to the Tamiya F201 of Rey Parco. A work of art.

F1 RC Car Drivers

Above: Group photo. Competitors on the track, family off the track. It's all about making friends and having fun. Bringing together newbies, off-road and on-road racers.

This was the closest and most exciting qualifying session so far. The top ten cars separated by less than 1 second. It was so close qualifying times had to be recorded to the 1000ths of a second. TQ went to "Taka" who is the fastest electric on-road driver in the Philippines.

F1 RC Cars British GP Qualifying Result

Pleasant surprise was the speed of the 3Racing FGX of Rains Viola, putting his f1 car 7th in the A-main grid. Bernard Baticlan announced his return to racing by making it 10th in the A-main grid. And first time F1 racer Rodil making the tough A-main lineup. Way to go guys!

B-Main Results

With 14 f1 rc cars on the grid, it would be an exciting and tough battle. What surprised me was the matured driving of the rookies. The starts and racing were very clean.

F1 RC Cars British GP B-Main Result

After 3 x 15 minutes of pure racing action it was veteran touring car driver Jerome Supan taking the win followed by monster truck racer Roldan Cortez and off-road racer Romel Gellado. Amazing to see drivers of different specialties race together in Formula 1 rc.

A-Main Results

12 f1 rc cars line up on the grid. Though racing for fun, we can sense the tension and excitement. In the lineup are some of the fastest on-road and off-road racers in the country.

Racing was very clean and very close. And it all came down to A-main #3 to determine the champion. Amazing to see the skill of the drivers driving inches from each other.

The pressure was on for the 2010 Tamiya Asia Cup Finals F1 champion Yuichiro Takaya to show why he is the fastest F1 racer in Asia. And in the end Taka delivered the fastest run ever in the series with a 51 lap in 15minutes 5second time.

The fight was now for 2nd place. And it was a big surprise when Porsha Mangilit, starting 11th on the grid, put in a 50 lap performance despite a first lap crash to take 2nd on the podium. Well done!

And rounding off the final podium spot is top off-road racer (and rumored to be veteran Tamiya cup racer) Chito Detabali.

F1 RC Cars British GP 2012 A-Main Results

It was great racing!

F1 RC Cars 2012 British GP Overall Result

F1 RC Cars British Grand Prix 2012 Winners

Photo: Porsha Mangilit (2nd), Yuichiro Takaya (Winner), Chito Detabali (3rd). Great racing guys and girl!

Post-race press conference - Great Britain (per my recollection which could be mixed with fantasy).

Q: Taka your car looked planted and easy to drive. What's the secret? You must be happy.

Taka: Nooo actually my F104 was very difficult to drive. After 5 minutes I felt so tired due to the concentration needed. I was contemplating changing to an easier to drive setup, but gambled that when track becomes higher grip in the finals the car would naturally become easier to drive. Happy and relieved to win. It was very tough competition.

Q: Porsha you came from 11th on the grid to take 2nd. How did you do it and how to you feel?

Porsha: I have been driving the F103. Today was the first time I tried the F104. Before qualifying I was leaning towards using the F103 as it was easy to drive versus the F104 which felt slightly faster but so difficult to drive. Decided to take a risk and went with the F104. Being unfamiliar, my qualifying was not so good. But during the races it became easier to drive and I am happy to be second to Tito Taka san.

Q: Chito, now two consecutive podium positions. Congratulations. Rumors have it that there are old photos of you racing in Tamiya Cups 10 years ago.

Chito: Hahaha you must have me mistaken for my older brother "Tochidet". I am happy to make it on the podium again. Have been testing rubber tires and I actually like them. The driving feel and style is more realistic. Can't wait to see how well I do with them.

Q: To all drivers, again congratulations!

F1 RC Cars British GP 2012 Results

And here are the overall points for "Rookie of the Year" award. Keep it up guys!

F1 RC Cars 2012 Rookies Points

7 July 2012 GREAT BRITAIN Silverstone 

Team CV: A good run at Silverstone

Another strong showing with Chito (3rd), Vin (5th) and Miles (10th). All in the A-main.

Technical - Link, T-bars, IRS

There were link, t-bars and independent rear suspension cars all within tenths of a second in qualifying. In short, no dominant rear suspension design. There was even a 4wd F201. 

Team Badboys: Bad Talaga

Team Badboys showed up in full force with 3 drivers but with only 1 F1 car and 2 touring cars. Helloooo. On the bright side, Jygs finished 8th for the team.

Interview: The return of Kimi Rey Kannin

Kimi "Rey" Kannin showed up in full force with a Ferrari T-shirt, graphite F201 package and top rc car mechanic Ken Salcedo! And it showed with a 19.291sec qualifying time and a strong run in the mains. 

Technical: Team Sakura FGX

Rains Viola shocked the Tamiya crowd by placing his 3Racing FGX 7th on the grid with a fast lap of 17.561sec. And was durable enough to consistently finish all three mains with 40 - 41 laps! The future looks bright for the FGX and we will surely see more in the German GP. 

Driver: Oldskul back for Silverstone

Points leader Allan "Oldskul" Colico showed up full of optimism. And posted his fastest runs of the series with 49lap runs. However the level of competition has upped the pace in his 2 race absence with the podium finishers doing 50 - 51 laps. "Ang bibilis ng pace!" 

Rookie Update

Young gun Gabe still leads the rookies. Then a tie between Carlos and Jeri. Dennis who was absent drops to 4th position. With 11 rookie drivers in the mix and more that 10 races to go, the championship is far from over. Keep it up guys and keep having fun!

Drivers: Movers and Shakers

Here are the pleasant surprises of the event. Jason posting 51 laps with his Cross small rubber tire car. Bernard making his F1 debut finishing 6th in the Amain. Rains putting his FGX 7th on the grid. Rodil making the Amain on his first F1 race. And Porsha finishing 2nd overall from 11th on the grid.

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Thank you to all the racers, especially the first timers and new faces for making this a very fun filled afternoon of playing and racing with our toy cars. See you at the German Grand Prix.

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