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Photos, video highlight and race results. A race to remember with 17 f1 rc cars racing simultaneously.

YouTube 17 F1 RC Car Race Event Highlight

See 17 cars battle it out simultaneously on the indoor asphalt track of JP Raceway. The sound you hear is not sound effects. It is the nitro engine of a Kyosho KF01 racing against electric F1 cars.

Thank you to Allan Fernando for taking the video.

A record breaking 17 F1 r/c cars took the grid for a fun filled Saturday afternoon of Formula One racing. A big welcome to new racers Ted, Chito, Waxie, Miles, Romel, Rodil and Roldan.

F1 RC Cars 18 Drivers

Photo: 10 different chassis in the race. Tamiya (F103LM, F103, F104, F104W, F104WGP), 3Racing (F109, FGX), Cross CF01 and Kyosho (KF01 nitro, LeMans R89c).

It was nice to see off-road racers join. And their beautiful F1 bodies win the concours for the event.

F1 RC Cars Ferrari vs McLaren

Photo: Ferrari F60 of Miles and Vodafone McLaren of Chito. Both tie for concours win.

Ferrari F1 R/C Cars 312T3 and F60

Photo: Old versus new. The Ferrari 312T3 and the Ferrari F60.

Ferrari Radio Control Cars 312T3 and F60

Photo: There are plenty of Ferrari Formula One radio control cars on sale. The 1/10 Tamiya Ferrari 312T3 on an F103 chassis (200mm wide) and a 1/10 Tamiya Ferrari F60 on an F104 (180mm) wide chassis.

What would make the race exciting is the 1/10 Kyosho KF01 nitro powered Formula One car. Will it be able to beat the electrics? This will be a good answer to electric vs. nitro.

Nitro F1 RC Car Kyosho KF01

Photo: 1/10 Kyosho KF01 of Waxie Joaquin. Powered by a .09 2-stroke nitro engine, 2-speed transmission and disk brake.

F1 R/C Car Undertray Aerodynamics

Photo: 1/10 Tamiya F104 of Carlos with home made aerodynamic undertray bits. For more downforce and stability.

Vintage Kyosho F1 LeMans Nissan R89c

Pictured: Not something we see everyday. A vintage Kyosho F1 radio control car of Rodil. The tires were oblong after 20 years but still put up 24 second laptimes. What I love it the chassis replicates a true Formula One chassis with inboard shock absorbers and sealed gearbox transmission.

With 18 racers this was going to be close and exciting. TQ went to Allan Colico with a fast lap of 17.67 followed by 11 year old Porsha (18.05) and Jygs (18.42). Even the """"newbies"""" are right on the pace. The difference between being 2nd and 9th on the grid is less than 1 second.

F1 RC Cars Qualifying Result Canadian GP 2012

Happy to see the nitro F1 of Waxie was right in the middle and on pace with a 19.26 sec lap.

Electric vs nitro Formula 1 cars

Photo: Tamiya F104 electric versus Kyosho KF01 nitro Formula 1 remote controlled cars. Credit: Dan Cortez

1st Race:
With so many cars on track, navigating traffic and consistent laptimes would determine the winner. Here it was the experience of Oldskul Allan Colico prevailing followed by Jason and Jygs.

  1. Allan Colico - Tamiya F103LM - 45L  912 seconds
  2. Jason Dela Cruz - Cross CF01 - 44L  903 seconds
  3. Jygs Tiangco - Tamiya F104 - 44L  913 seconds

F1 RC Cars 2012 Canada GP Race 1 Result

F1 RC Cars Team Circulo Verde

New faces Ted Flores finished 4th, Chito Detabali 6th, Romel Gellado 8th, and Miles Bautista 9th. They are fast and will be tough competitors.

2nd Race:
It was an exciting race up front. With 2 minutes remaining, Jygs started to narrow the gap to Allan. It was 3.4 secs, 2.7 sec, 1.4 sec. And with 30 seconds to go the gap was only 0.77 seconds. However a mistake by Jygs gave Allan a hardfought victory.

F1 RC Cars 2012 Canada GP Race 2 Result

The battle for third was equally exciting. Ted taking the 3rd place over Chito by just 2 seconds.

F1 RC Cars Canadian GP Lineup

3rd Race:
With Allan taking overall victory, he was now running with less pressure and having fun. But with the final podium positions still up for grabs, it was full concentration for most of the racers. Jygs took off to an early lead and was steadly followed by Porsha (11 year old girl) to a 1 - 2 finish.

F1 RC Cars Canada 2012 Racing Action

The 3Racing FGX Formula 1 r/c car joined the final race. Whilst the independent rear suspension gave lots of mechanical grip, the FGX was 110 grams heavier and was off the racing pace. And eventually pulled out of the race with radio glitching problems.

F1 RC Cars 2012 Canada GP Race 3 Result

It was also the best finish of the nitro Kyosho KF01 in 9th place. This was with two pit stops for fuel and running in first gear as the 2nd gear failed to engage for the entire event.

F1 RC Cars 2012 Canadian GP Overall Result

Congratulations to Allan Colico for winning the 2012 Grand Prix Du Canada. 2nd was Jygs Tiangco. And the final podium position went to a tiebreaker. In the end it was 11 year old girl driver Porsha Mangilit taking 3rd position.

F1 RC Cars Canadian GP 2012 Podium

Photo: Jygs Tiangco (2nd), Allan Colico (Winner), Porsha Mangilit (3rd). Great racing guys and gal!

F1 RC Cars 2012 Canada GP Overall Result

The season is still long, every position is up for grabs.

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Thanks to Roldan Cortez for the photos and Kenichi for the video. Thanks to all the racers and see you at the next race.

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