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28 Jan 2012 - The Formula One r/c club Malaysia GP saw a variety of radio control cars such as the Tamiya F103, F104, LeMans and 3Racing F109. The rookies were allowed to run foam tires while the veterans were encouraged to run rubber tires. Nice to see two new young drivers join the series, Jomil and Porsha. Welcome!

F1 RC Cars 2012 Malaysian GP

All were powered by 540 Mabuchi or Johnson motors and gearing fixed to 93/25 or 63/17 ratios. This kept the speed realistic and the racing very tight.

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2012 F1 RC Malaysia Grand Prix Race Highlights

A quick recap. Racing action, drivers and results. A full grid of 10 radio control F1 cars. I had so much fun despite not even racing (I was busy organizing the event).

2012 F1 RC Cars Malaysian GP Qualifying

A 30 minute session for the fastest single lap time to determine pole position. Exciting to see lap times so close among all drivers. Rookie Gabe Monzones gave veterans a run for their money by posting the 3rd fastest time.

F1 RC Cars 2012 Malaysian GP Qualifying

A new face to the F1 club race is 10 year old Porsha Mangilit who qualified a respectable 5th on the grid driving a box stock Tamiya F103 with rubber tires. Rookie Carlos Limjoco finally shows his true pace with a 19.75 sec lap for 6th on the grid.

Jerri Banta and Allan Fernando continued their tight rivalry. With Jerrie outqualifying Allan by just 1/100th of a second. Now that is tight racing.

The biggest surprise of all is Norman Cruz. Winner of the Australian GP, Norman posted the slowest laptime in the qualifiers driving a Tamiya LeMans. But never count a champion out.

2012 F1 RC Cars Malaysia GP Result

The format is three races each 15 minutes long. The best two finishing results count. In case of a tie, the best 15 minute run will break the tie.

Finals 1 - There were many battles. Fighting for the win was Norman and Chris. For third position it was tight between Porsha and Jun. For 5th spot it was a three way battle between Gabe, Allan F. and Carlos. At the finish it was Norman, Chris, Porsha, Jun, Gabe, Allan and Carlos.

Finals 2 - Even more competitive. A back and forth battle between Chris and Norman. With about 3 minutes to go Chris clipped a corner and let Norman take the lead. But constant pressure by Chris finally forced Norman into an error with just 1 minute to go. For third place it was a fight between Allan "Oldskul" Colico and Porsha. Experience is hard to beat and Allan beats the young girl for third place. Rookie Gabe was posting very fast laps, but transponder problems meant a lot of his laps were not being counted. At the finish it was Chris, Norman, Oldskul, Porsha, Jerri, Carlos, Gabe, Jun, Allan and Jomil.

Finals 3 - The top 3 podium spots were all up for grabs. The pressure was on in the 5-way fight between Norman, Chris, Jun, Oldskul and Porsha. There was also the 5-way battle between Jerri, Gabe, Allan, Carlos and Jomil. At the finish it was Norman, Chris, Jun, Oldskul, Porsha, Allan, Jerri, Gabe, Carlos and Jomil.

F1 RC Cars Malaysian GP Final Results

With two wins, the overall victory for the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix goes to Norman Cruz. Two wins in a row! A close 2nd is Chris Kho. He missed the Australian GP but made a very strong statement in this race.

The battle for 3rd was very interesting and the closest I've ever seen. Jun, Oldskul and Porsha all had a 3rd and 4th place finish in the three races. So it goes to the tiebreaker, and it was very tight.

Porsha Mangilit - 46L  919.31 seconds

Allan "Oldskul" Colico - 47L  910.56 seconds

Jun Manego - 47L  910.41 seconds

After 45 minutes of hard fought racing, Jun Manego takes the final podium spot by 15/100th of a second over Oldskul. That is so close!

2012 F1 RC Cars Malaysian GP Winner

2012 F1 RC Club Malaysia GP Podium. Chris (2nd), Norman (Winner) and Jun (3rd). Two new faces on the podium. It is becoming a very competitive race series. Jun, don't worry, Rexona won't let you down.

Thanks to all the racers who joined. Rookies, keep it up, soon you will be replacing the veterans on the podium. See you all in March at the F1 RC Club - 2012 Formula One Chinese Grand Prix.

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