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F1 RC Cars Spanish GP 2012

Thank you to Coco for the photos and blow by blow commentary below.

The Qualis:
Oldskul took the top with an early blistering run of 19.58 on the first 5 mins of the qualifying session. Second was Cocojam with a run of 19.83 on the second lap of a last minute run before the end of the 30 min qualis. Dennis came in third with a good run of 19.87. Race favorite Norman was struggling to improve his pace but only managed to come up with a mid-20 sec qualifying time.

F1 RC Car Lineup Spanish GP 2012

Photo: Tamiya Lemans, F103, F104 and F201 radio control cars line up for the 2012 Spanish GP of the F1 R/C Club.

1st Heat:
Oldsku and Badboy were neck to neck from start to finish while Cocojam, dropping from 2nd to 6th at the early stage of the race, manage to salvage 3rd after a consistent and accident free run.

2nd Heat:
Badboy avenged his loss to Oldskul in the first heat with a consistent run and a blistering pace of 18.85 which was the fastest lap recorded for the day. Despite some mistakes that pushed him to take a conservative driving stance, Oldskul still finished second. Newbie Dennis D. put up the pace this time and ended up with good 3rd finish despite having a nearly chipped-off front foam tire.

F1 RC cars Spanish GP 2012 Concours Winner

Photo: Concours winner.

3rd Heat:
Oldskul and Badboy were at each others throats again from start to finish. Vets Cocojam and Norman were nowhere in sight as they were bogged down by handling problems and accidents. The tag team of Dennis and Gabe M. took advantage of this and finished 3rd and 4th, respectively.

F1 RC Cars 2012 Spanish GP Results

It's amazing to see how close we all are now in qualifying despite the variety in chassis and driver experience. Our rules are working.

And we now have a new drivers championship points leader. The season is still long, every position is up for grabs.

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Thanks to all the racers and see you next month at the F1 RC Cars - Spanish Grand Prix 2012.

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