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Thank you to the 20 racers who braved the strong rains to enjoy racing f1 rc cars on a wet Sunday afternoon. A big welcome to Leo, Edong, Loy, Rico, Joseph, Kiko and Paco. Seven new faces to the club.

Photos of the winning cars, drivers and racers. Tips from the winners. Race results and commentary.

F1 RC Cars Carrying Cases

A big pleasant surprise was to see two young kids (Kiko and Paco) join an r/c car race for the very first time. They came well prepared with their Tamiya F1 rc cars inside aluminum carrying cases. Very professional looking indeed.

F1 RC Cars Sakura FGX

The number of Sakura FGX is growing with 7 drivers. The cheapest and most realistic f1 rc car today. Very easy to drive. Here is Edong, Rains and Loy looking over their kits.

F1 RC Cars Sakura FGX

Freshly built and first time to touch the race track are the Sakura FGX F1 of Edong and Loy. And a very good showing for Edong in posting 39 laps in his very first race and run with the car.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya Nissan Miles

Miles seems very happy. Let's take a closer look at his "secret" weapon...

F1 RC Cars Tamiya Nissan V3

Here it is. The very ingenuitive suspension modification by Miles on his Tamiya Nissan R91CP.

F1 RC Cars 3Racing F109

The very clean and neat table of Ted Flores and his 3Racing F109. A good German GP race result for Ted.

F1 RC Cars German GP 2010 Jun and Oldskul

The veterans of the F1 RC Club. If you need any help, feel free to approach these good looking gentlemen.

Track opened at 10:00am. Lots of time for chit chat, practice and lunch at the track before the 1:45pm qualifying.

Time to get serious (but always, FUN is the number one priority). With 20 racers, there was an A-main and B-main. Qualifying very important if you want to make the A-main.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya F103

Above: Former 1/8 nitro racer Leo looks confident and happy with his Tamiya F103.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya F104

Above: Tamiya 2010 Asia Cup F1 Finals champion Taka and his Tamiya F104. The fastest F104 in Asia.

TQ was a battle of the titans between Leo (former 1/8 nitro on-road racer) and Taka (winner of the last event). After a 30 minute fastest lap session, it was Leo driving a box stock F103 edging out Taka in his F104 by just 0.02 seconds. That is 2/100 of a second!

So for those debating whether the F103 or F104 has an advantage, there is your answer. They are both equal.

F1 RC Cars German GP Qualifying Results

The A-main was very tight. Even points leader Allan Colico could not make the A-main today. Former race winner Noel Aldaba missed making the A-main by just 2 hundreds of a second. Good thing for modern timing systems.

The B-main would be very exciting with the debut of 4 new f1 drivers.

B-Main Results

To me this is the Main Event. I love watching new faces join the hobby of r/c car racing.

F1 RC cars German GP B Main

A few races ago, doing 47 laps would usually give victory. But the pace and number of good drivers has now pushed the pace to a higher level. Congratulations to all B-main racers especially the first time racers. Hope you had a fun experience. Keep on racing!

A-Main Results

Looking at the driver list, a lot of very fast drivers. 

F1 RC Cars German GP A-main Result

It was a three way battle for the podium postion decided on a tie breaker as Leo, Taka and Joseph all had 1-2 finishes. With a fastest run of 53 laps in 15minutes and 5 seconds, Leo is our 2012 German GP Champion. Congratulations Leo, Taka, and Joseph.

Chito eeks out Ted for 4th place by just 1/10 of a second! Porsha running a steady pace for 6th place. And Miles beating Vin by just 1 second for 7th place. Jygs was steady with 46 lap pace in all three mains for 9th. And Jomil, though fastest in TAC Asia finals, is finding out how tough the A-main drivers are and finished 10th.

Congrats to all racers. Hope the racing was intense but still bottomline fun.

F1 RC Cars 2012 British GP Overall Result

F1 RC Cars German GP 2012 Winners

Photo: Taka (2nd), Leo V. (Winner), Joseph (3rd). Great racing guys!

Post-race press conference - Hockenheim (per my recollection which could be mixed with fantasy).

Q: Leo, your first race and already a win. Whats your secret?

Leo: I practiced a lot before this race. My car is a basic Tamiya F103 that I bought 2nd hand. It has almost no hop ups, even the motor mount is still plastic. But I did add a little front caster and used the trailing steering knuckles to give more on-power steering at the expense of off-power steering. My esc was an old Futaba MC something. Battery I think is an old 25c pack.

F1 RC Car German GP Tamiya F103 Winner

Q: Taka you had to leave early and missed the third main. But still finished 2nd.

Taka: Yes too bad I had to leave early and could not finish the last race. But still enjoyed the day and happy with 2nd.

Q: Joseph also your first race in the F1 RC Club. And already on the podium.

Joseph: Yes it was fun but very hard competition. I had problems registering a time during qualifying as my transponder was mounted vertically instead of horizontally. Fortunately I registered a fast time with minutes to go in the qualifying session. The 2nd race was exciting as Taka closed in rapidly.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya Wolf Racing

Q: To all drivers, again congratulations!

F1 RC Cars German GP 2012 Results

22 July 2012
Race: 01Days 18H 45M

Practice 1 Result
After the first practice session it is looking good for Vin Diaz who set a track record of 54 laps in his Exotec Ultra running Tamiya Type B rubber tires. Others showing good pace were Leo in his box stock F103 and the F104 v2 driven by Mikey and Chito.

F1 RC Cars German GP Chito and Rico

Team CV
Intensive rubber tire testing gave positive feedback. Team CVs pace on rubber tires was even better than their foam setup. "It's more fun and realistic to drive with rubber tires." Vin Diaz is also expected to come to the race with his "Ike" brake pads. Miles to come with his Tamiya F1 version 3.

F1 RC Cars Exotek Ultra

Team Sakura
With three drivers, it was a productive test session. Tires and suspension tuning now puts the FGX at a 49 lap pace. Very easy to drive and is the recommended car for new racers still improving on driving skill.

Team Monster Jam
Improving very rapidly are car crushers Ike and Rodil. Now steadily pushing to the 48 - 49 lap pace. And expected to add more talented drivers to the lineup.

Team MIA
Given a Sunday race we can expect team Missing in Action to be in full force (i.e. truly missing in action). You all know who you are.

Team Badboys
Expected to provide a strong showing with Jygs, Noel and Gerome. As long as the team remembers to bring the cars.

F1 RC Cars German GP

It is so fun to see our first time racers posting qualifying times that are only 2 seconds/lap slower than the best F1 driver in Asia. And with more racing experience we are expecting to see 45 laps from our batch of 11 rookie drivers (and growing).

It will be a tough race, with Leo joining the event. Plus the debut of the very fast Mikey Garcia. And the 2nd best F1 driver in Asia, Jomil Dela Cruz. It will definitely be tough for Taka to do a repeat win. And the sleeper, Mr. Vin "54 laps" Diaz.

What a lineup! Definitely some of the best drivers in the country, and even Asia.

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Thank you to all the racers, especially the first timers and new faces for making this a very fun filled afternoon of playing and racing with our toy cars. See you at the next race.

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