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22 April 2012 - The Formula One r/c club Bahrain GP was fun with 12 racers, the most for the season. Excited to see a Tamiya F201 (4wd) join the series and see if it is better than the simple Tamiya F103 and F104. A big welcome to new racers Jygs and Rey.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya Lotus and Ferrari

Twelve f1 rc cars filled the grid. Mostly Tamiya F103 and F104. Saw two unique models, the Tamiya Lotus F104W and F201.

Tamiya F1 RC Cars Lotus McLaren Ferrari

For technical specifications, all run stock Johnson or Mabuchi 540 silvercan motors with fixed gearing ratio of 3.72. This keeps speeds realistic, equal and easily manageable to rookies while still fast enough to keep veterans excited.

Tamiya F103 F104 F104W F201 3Racing F109 RC Cars

And the drivers, a mix of veterans and rookies. All share a common goal, to have fun racing rc cars. Competitive but relaxing atmosphere.

F1 RC Cars - Drivers of Bahrain GP 2012

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2012 F1 RC Bahrain Grand Prix Race Highlights

A quick recap. Racing action, drivers and results. A big grid of 12 radio control F1 cars.

2012 F1 RC Cars Bahrain GP Qualifying

A 30 minute session for the fastest single lap time to determine pole position. The track was still dusty and hard to put the power down. Veteran Allan "Oldskul" Colico secured TQ with a masterful strategy of putting traction compound on the tires and just drove hard for a couple of laps to try and get that single fastest lap. And it worked.

F1 RC Cars Qualifying Bahrain GP 2012

Excited to see rookies Dennis Domingo, Gabe Monzones and Carlos Limjoco occupy 3rd, 4th and 5th postion on the grid. Even faster than points leader Norman Cruz and veteran drivers Jygs Tiangco and Joel Mangilit. Way to go rookies!

Also great to see Bobit, Allan and Jerri close the gap. With a little more tuning and driving we are sure to see you on the podium.

2012 F1 RC Cars Bahrain GP Result

The format is three races each 15 minutes long. The best two finishing results count. In case of a tie, the best 15 minute run will break the tie.

Finals 1 - After getting trounced by rookies in the last race, the veterans used their experience to run a steady pace and secure a 1, 2, 3 finish. A big improvement was from Jerri Banta, who lead the rookies and finished a good 4th place.

Finals 2 - It was a match of evenly paced cars. Fastest laps of the top 5 cars were only 1/10ths of a second in difference. It came down to consistent driving, ability to navigate the track full of 12 rc cars and in the end, some luck. At the finsh it was race organizer Joel taking the win by a slim margin of 3 seconds over Allan Colico. And Jun Manego consistently finished in 3rd. Rookie Dennis Domingo showed talent and beat championship points leader Norman Cruz for 4th place. Happy to see the old Tamiya F201 driven by Rey Parco finish the 15 minute race with a respectable 33L.

Finals 3 - The final round would determine the podium positions. Rookies Allan, Dennis and Gabe had technical problems and dropped out early inthe race. Point leader Norman Cruz was also unlucky and his race ended after only 22 laps. At the top, Allan Colico was cruizing with more than half a lap lead over Joel Mangilit. But with only 4 minutes to go Joel closed the gap and was on Allan's tail. Joel in an attempt to surprise Allan, immediately made an inside line attempt going into the fast sweeper. Unfortunately an error left Joel's car on it's roof and gave Allan Colico lot's of breathing room to comfortably finish the race 10 seconds ahead.

F1 Radio Control Cars Bahrain GP 2012 Results

With two wins, the overall victory for the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix goes to Alan Colico. Congrats!

F1 RC Cars Podium Bahrain GP 2012

2012 F1 RC Club Bahrain GP Podium. Joel (2nd), Allan (Winner) and Jun (3rd). The oldtimers are back on the podium after the rookies dominated the last race.

You are most welcome to join. Visit the F1 RC Car Club for rules, schedules, results, track location and more. We are a bunch of easy going people who want to enjoy each others company and have fun racing f1 rc cars.

Thanks to all the racers and see you next month at the F1 RC Cars - Spanish Grand Prix 2012.

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