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Highlights of the 2012 Australian F1 RC Club Grand Prix. Exciting to see Tamiya F103, F104, Cross CF-01 08 and 3Racing F109 battle it out for the constructors championship. Photos, video and full race coverage below.

2012 F1 RC Australian Grand Prix Video

Full Race Report

7 Jan 2012 (by Reverse Gear Magazine) - The season kicked off with 5 rookies and 4 veterans battling for the drivers and constructors championship. Will it be youth over experience or will they prove age does not matter?

The 30 minute qualifying session was a fastest lap affair. Norman "electrified" the crowd by immediately posting the fastest lap of 21.08 seconds. Followed closely by Allan "Oldskul" Colico with a 21.35 lap. Not to be outdone, rookie Jun "Money" Manego put in a spirited 22.02 lap. Young gun Gabe showed he is a force to be reckoned with by posting a 22.66 sec lap.

Jerri's F103 had steering issues which made his car zig zag left or right on its own, living up to its Askal livery. Unfortunately this is not football. But kudos to Jerri for hanging in there and putting in a 24.25 lap with an ill handling car. Allan "Kenichi" followed closely with a 25.51. Rookie Carlos "Italia" was still coming to grips with his Ferrari. The horse was bucking rather than prancing.

With less than a minute to go, out of nowhere was a 20.57 lap. A Voodoo by Jason. Norman was "shocked" and quickly put a 21.11 sec on his 60th lap. Amazing, only 0.03 sec slower after 30 minutes of running on rubber tires. But it was not enough and Jason is our Top Qualifier.

F1 RC Qualifying Result Australian GP 2012

Apologies to Gabe who should have been 5th on the grid. Let me claim my senior citizens discount card and buy you dinner.

The finals is a triple A-main of 15 minutes each. The best two results will count.

Race 1 - Tension was in the air as Jason does a false start. And there would be more problems for our TQ driver. Transponder issues quickly dashed his hopes for a win. The battle was now with Allan "Oldskul" and Norman "Lights Out" and it was a fun battle to watch. Not to be outdone was an equally exciting scrap between Allan "Kenichi" and Jerri "teach me how to dougie" Askal.

With 1 minute remaining, Oldskul was only 4 seconds behind race leader Norman. But there simply was too much "experience" and Norman managed the pace to the checkered flag.

F1 RC Finals 1 Result

Race 2 - Another exciting affair with Jason leading Norman and Oldskul by no more than two corners. But with two laps to go, it was Jason's turn to be "shocked" when his battery dumped. Lady luck was with Norman as he crossed the finish line with 43 laps with Oldskul only 2 seconds behind. But it was not so easy as Norman was fighting finger cramps. You heard that right, finger cramps. No comment nalang.

Leading the rookies was Jun "Money" Manego who "banked" on his experience (as a rookie?) to run 40 laps. Jerri still consistent with a 34 lapper. Gabe still had transponder gremlins and only registered 25 laps. Kenichi crashed out with 19 laps. Carlos finally managed to ride the prancing horse to a 19 lap run.

F1 RC Finals 2 Result

Race 3 - It was an exciting battle among the rookie drivers. And when the foam tire dust settled, it was Gabe followed by "Kenichi" and "Money". Carlos seemed to have transponder problems and did not register a time.

Norman suffered car problems and retired on lap 33. It was now Oldskul vs. Voodoo. Both were dumping but in the end it was Oldskul with 44 laps and Voodoo with 42 laps.

F1 RC Finals 3

It was a good 3 rounds of boxing. We now go to the judges scorecard for a decision. Judge rccartips scores the bout...

F1 RC Australian GP 2012 Final Results

Congratulations to Norman for winning the inaugural 2012 F1 RC Club Australian Grand Prix. And congratulations to all the racers, if you had fun, then you were the winners.

Photos of 2012 F1 RC Club - Australia GP

F1 RC Australian GP Podium 2012

Photo: Our 2012 F1 RC Australian Grand Prix Podium. 1st Norman "Lights Out" Cruz (center), 2nd Allan "Oldskul" Colico (left) and 3rd Jason "Voodoo" Dela Cruz (right).

RC F1 Benson Hedges DHL

Photo: Best body goes to Kenichi's Tamiya F104 Benson and Hedges DHL.

RC F1 Gabe

Photo: Our friends from Batangas. Gabe is looking strong for the Rookie of the Year honors.

RC F1 Allan Fernando

Photo: Kenichi brought the main car (3Racing F109), the backup car (Tamiya F103), and the backup to the backup car (Tamiya F104).

F1 RC Driver Jerri

Photo: D1 driver now turned F1 rc driver. Jerri was quick with his Tamiya F103 despite steering servos issues. Sanay mag countersteer ;)

RC F1 Jun

Photo: Jun smiling confidently. "I can win with my eyes closed." Yeah right, keep dreaming ;)

RC F1 Norman

Photo: Our 2012 F1 RC Australian Grand Prix champ Norman. Ano yun muli, "finger cramps?" Nyahahaha.

RC F1 Allan

Photo: Allan "Oldskul" with his even older school Tamiya LeMans.

Cross CF-01 RC Car

Photo: One of the more exotic model, the Cross CF-01 '08 of Jason.

F1 RC Car Video Taka

Photo: Special thanks to Taka for risking his GQ looks in filming the ground level up close in your face videos.

Final Words

The goal for the F1 RC Club is to offer a venue for cheap, close and competitive racing. The fixed gearing, silvercan and rubber tire rule shows that we are on the right formula.

Thanks to the rookies (Carlos, Gabe, Allan, Jerri) for joining the races. Without you the F1 races will be meaningless. Thanks for making the race fun and a success. Hopefully our easy going unintimidating race atmosphere will encourage more rookies to join.

And thanks to Oldskul, Norman and Jason for making our first race for 2012 a success. Cramps or no cramps, we will race. Hahaha.

Let's get ready for the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix to be held in JP Raceway Philippines.

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