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A powerful gas powered rc monster truck!

HPI Racing Nitro Rush 

The HPI nitro rush is one of the latest models to come from HPI racing corporation. HPI hobby produces high quality nitro trucks at an affordable price.

hpi nitro rush gas powered truck

HPI Rush Nitro Engine

The HPI Nitro Star 15FE engine is easy to tune, with lots of top end speed!

hpi rush nitro gas engine

HPI Nitro Rush Chassis

Comes with a 2.5 mm thick purple anodized aluminum countersunk chassis, in a tunnel shape that provides added strength.

hpi rush chassis 

HPI Nitro Rush Suspension

Uses oil filled coil-over shock absorbers and suspension geometry used for racing. Nylon suspension arms are strong, rigid, yet durable. 

hpi rush suspension

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 * Pictures are copyright by HPI Racing


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