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2010 Radio Control Onroad R/C Cars

Here are some beautiful chassis of the newest and best onroad r/c cars. The Tamiya 416 vs XRAY T3 vs Schumacher Mi4LP will battle it out in the 2010 on-road r/c racing season. All are designed for lipo batteries and brushless motors.

UPDATE: The Tamiya 416X wins the 2010 IFMAR On-Road World Championship!

Photo of rc cars for onroad racing.

Tamiya 416X: motor 1mm to the center * rear ball diff shifted 1.8mm towards rear to improve traction and acceleration * wider front bulkhead * new carbon 2.55mm lower and 2mm upper deks * direct coupling front pulley.

Video of Touring Cars

XRAY T3: motor 4mm to the center * wew bulkheads * arms independently mounted * bigger angle steering position * 1 piece tuneable topdeck * new lipo holders.

Schuamcher Mi4LP: narrow carbon fiber chassis * ability to flip transmission for weight balancing * twin kevlar belts and new precision black CNC pulleys * shorter and stiffer carbon fibre wishbones * clamp motor mount * long top deck * centre point steering * ultra low anti roll bars * quick release diffs * symmetrical chassis layout * nickel-teflon plated threaded alloy shock absorbers * alloy CV drive shafts * heavy duty front spool * steel pins and turnbuckles.

2010 Onroad R/C Racing

Currently the Tamiya 416 is the defending 2008 IFMAR ISTC World Championship winning r/c car. Will Tamiya be able to defend in 2010 with the 416x or will XRAY T3 finally win their first world championship? It's going to be an exciting r/c racing season for electric on road touring cars!

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