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R/C Cars and Trucks - New Models March 2012

Here are the newest rc cars and trucks. Leading the way is Tamiya with a bunch of new on-road and off-road kits and Expert Built models. Serpent has a new 1/8 on-road nitro car and a 1/10 electric front wheel drive rc car. Durango with their new 1/8 DNX 408 version 2 gas buggy. Kyosho with their new 1/10 TF6 SP touring car and Associated with their 4x4 Factory Team short course truck.

Toyota 4x4 Bruiser Pickup Tamiya RC Truck
Tamiya Toyota 4x4 Bruiser
Nissan Titan Racing Tamiya RC Truck
Tamiya Nissan Titan
Mini JCW Coupe Tamiya M05 RC Car
Tamiya Mini JCW Coupe
Bush Devil Tamiya RC Truck
Tamiya Bush Devil
Blackfoot III Tamiya RC Truck
Tamiya Blackfoot III
Toyota Celica GT Four 1990 Tamiya RC Car
Tamiya Toyota Celica GT
Misubishi Montero Wheelie Tamiya RC Truck
Tamiya Mitsubishi Montero Wheelie
Porsche 956 New Man Joest Tamiya RC Car
Tamiya Porsche 956 New Man
TA05 Gold Chassis Tamiya RC Car
TA05 Gold Edition
Serpent Cobra GT Nitro
Serpent Cobra GT Nitro
Serpent S411 FF FWD RC Car
Serpent S411 FF FWD
Durango DNX 408 v2 Gas RC Buggy
Durango DNX 408 V2
Kyosho TF6 SP RC Touring Car
Kyosho TF6 SP Touring
Associated SC10 4x4 Factory Team RC Truck
Associated SC10 4x4 FT

New R/C Equipment and Parts

Exciting is the HPI flux Reload brushless esc... it is waterproof! And the Robitronic mosfet powerswitch to replace the troublesome mechanics switches powering our receivers. And a new design on shock covers. Other designs cover the shoch shaft with a rubber booth or covers the entire spring. Here the Shockwears is designed to cover the entire thing.

HPI Flux Reload Waterproof Brushless ESC
HPI Flux Reload Waterproof ESC
Robitronic Powerswitch
Robitronic Powerswitch
Shockwears Shock Covers
Shock Covers

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Hi Friend,

It has been a busy month. First, my daughter and I traveled overseas to race in the 2012 Thailand International Touring Car race. Spent six days over there. Fortunately my aunt lives around 10km from the track and we stayed in her house.

Then I come back home to find out some of my Wordpress sites have been hacked. Fortunately the webshosting company I used was very helpful in restoring my sites and fixing the issue. Thanks Webhero.com.

It was also time to organize the third race of the F1 RC Club - Chinese Grand Prix 2012. As the organizer I don't get to race myself, but do enjoy running the races and seeing other racers enjoy. And it's nice to see half of the racers are newcomers to racing.

As a change of pace, shopped with my daughter and bought an XBOX Kinect. If we are to play video games, might as well exercise in doing so. Amazed at the technology of the Kinect. You control the game based on your body movement, no controller at all. Great stuff, and "sad" to say, much cheaper than our hobby of rc cars. No wonder more kids play video games than r/c cars.

I guess it should be a wake up call for the r/c manufacturers to start cutting cost and sell at cheaper prices.

And finally, been very busy updating this site. With over 400 pages, a daunting task, a work in progress. But I enjoy it. Hope you find this site still useful.

Have fun! 

Joel M.

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