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Electric and gas cars are both fun and easy to get into.

Gas or Electric Car?

Newcomers to the hobby may have more fun by beginning with radio controlled electric cars. They are easier to maintain, cleaner, and you can run them at most places because it is quiet and there are no gas fumes.

gas or nitro engineGas powered cars provide additional excitement to those already "bored" with electric cars. Gas cars are fast and realistic. They can have two to three gears (automatic transmission), have a "gas" engine, and provide the sound and smell of real cars. There is also no need to wait for batteries to charge... just make a pit stop and refill the fuel tank. Due to the high speed, noise, and exhaust fumes, gas cars are normally limited to running on special tracks and wide open areas of land.

electric car motorsHaving both types of models, each has its own appeal. There are times when the hassle of tuning engines is not desired, and the quiet and serenity that an electric car brings is an advantage. Other times, the smell of gas, the sound of the motors, and the shifting of gears is what makes me happy.

In any case, whatever type of car you buy will surely bring you hours of fun.

Gas Powered RC Cars


Fast out of the box


Might be cheaper to operate in the long run



Must handle "flammable fuel"


More complex

Sometimes the engine does not want to run at all

Electric Powered RC Cars


Easy to build

Always ready to run


Batteries are getting expensive

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