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Some of the cheapest electric rc helicopters are the Winner Full Functions and Bladerunner. Both have a Double Blade design and can fly up/down, left/right, forward/backwards. Designed for zero wind conditions, these mini models are designed for indoor flight.

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There are also beginner models made by Megatech Helichopper. Very cheap and perfect for playing around the house. More of a toy than a hobby kit, but still great fun. Comes with a 2 channel radio control system that lets you hover up to 70 feet and move left/right.

Next are the slightly more advanced model helis such as Hobby Source, Humblebee, Shogun, and Hirobo. These are designed close to real helis and are very realistic. These models require some skill and practice in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you will feel like you are flying a real helicopter.

And if you desire the best models, go for gas rc helicopters. These are fast and very realistic... as close to real helicopters as you can get. These are more for advanced modelers who have flying experience. These are designed for outdoor flight. Popular are the Raptor and Kyosho gas models.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest department stores to buy the cheap Winner Full Functions, Bladerunner, or Megatech Helichopper.

Then when you have mastered these models, go to your nearest hobby shop to buy the hobby quality kits such as the Humblebee and Hirobo electric radio control helicopters. Start with those powered by electric motors and NiMH or Li-Po rechargeable batteries. You can fly/hover these indoors and in calm outdoor wind conditions.

And when you have mastered these, you can then go for the advanced gas/nitro powered models such as the Raptor and those made by Kyosho. These can fly hundreds of feet in the air, do loops and even hover upside down!

Do not have a local hobby shop? No problem! There are plenty of good online hobby shops where you can buy and have the kits delivered to your address. Look for discount coupon codes and online sales... you can even get a great deal with free shipping offers! 

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