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RC Trucks Short Course - Associated SC10 4x4 versus Losi SCTE

Short Course RC Trucks  -> Associated SC10 4x4 vs Losi SCTE

Photos and video of a great battle between a Team Associated SC10 4x4 SCT driven by Scotty Ernst versus the Losi Short Course r/c truck driven by Emer. Click on the photos to see a larger image.

Short Course RC Truck Jump - SC10 vs Losi SCT

Amazing tight battle even up in the air. Separated by a matter of inches. Great driving from both guys.

Below is a short Youtube video of the exciting race.

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RC Trucks Short Course SC10 4x4 vs Losi SCT 4wd

It was a friendly battle between long time competitors Team Associated and Team Losi Racing. Here the SC10 takes a double single, while the Losi goes for a triple jump.

RC Truck Short Course Losi Perfect Landing by Emer

A perfect landing for the Losi short course truck.

RC Trucks Short Course Losi Crash Landing by Emer.

Ouch. Sometimes even champions make a crash landing.

Race was held in the beautiful Circulo Verde CV off-road track of the Quezon Citry Radio Control Car Club (QCRCCC).

Quezon City Radio Control Car Club CV Off-Road R/C Track

Photo credit: QCRCCC

If you want to join their races, please visit the QCRCCC Off-Road Racing thread. Rules, schedules, results and photos are posted on the forum.

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