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Team Associated

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Team Associated or "Associated Electrics" sells race winning remote control cars, both electric and nitro "gas" powered rc cars. New models are the B4.1 Factory Team, SC8e, SC10, and TC6 Factory Team.

Team Associated RC Cars

Source: www.teamassociated.com

Other popular r/c models are the RC8B, Monster GT 4.60 SE, TC5, TC4, RC1018T, RTR TC3, Nitro TC3, RC10B4, RC10T4, RC10GT, Monster GT.

Team Associated RC Cars Models and Price

Below are the popular on-road and off-road models and estimated selling price in USD.

Team Associated RC Cars Price

Team Associated Nitro TC3
This is one of the very best gas powered "nitro" on-road touring remote control cars. Ready to run.

Associated nitro tc3 remote control car.

Team Associated RTR Electric TC3
A great ready to run electric remote control car that is fast, durable, and a perfect beginner car.

Associated tc3 remote control car.

Team Associated RC10GT (Gas Truck)
3 consecutive NORRCA Truck World Cup wins and over 8 National Championships.

Picture of Associated RC10GT remote control truck.

Team Associated RC10T3
Electric powered remote control truck that has won NORRCA and ROAR national championships.

Picture of RC10T3 remote control truck.

Associated Monster GT
The biggest and fastest nitro powered monster truck from Associated.

Picture of Associated Monster GT gas rc truck.

Team Associated cars are known for winning world championship races. The popular models are RC10 off road buggies, trucks, and touring cars (now called RC10B3, RC10T3).

My first Team Associated remote control car was an RC10 Team Car. I bought this way back in 1993 - 94, and used to race in the popular and large indoor off-road track called Queens Off-Roaders in New York, USA.

The RC10 Team Car was very fast and durable, and was a good car for playing around in the backyard or racing in organized events.

When I went back to the Philippines, I played around with Team Associated's RC10GT or gas truck. This was a nitro or gas powered version of their electric truck. The RC10GT was a lot of fun.

Overall, I am very happy with remote control cars produced by Team Associated.

Team Associated's IFMAR World Championships

Year Category Car Driver
1977 1/8 gas RC100 Butch Kroells
1982 1/12 stock electric RC12i Kent Clausen
1984 1/12 modified electric RC12 Tony Neisinger
1985 1/10 2wd off-road RC10 Jay Halsey
1986 1/12 electric RC12L Tony Neisinger
1987 1/8 gas RC500 Re-Pete Fusco
1988 1/12 electric RC12L Masami Hirosaka
1989 1/10 2wd off-road RC10 Masami Hirosaka
1990 1/12 electric RC12L Chris Doseck
1991 1/10 2wd off-road RC10 Masami Hirosaka
1992 1/12 on-road RC12LW Tony Neisinger
1993 1/10 2wd off-road RC10 Brian Kinwald
1995 1/10 2wd off-road RC10B2 Matt Francis
1996 1/12 on-road RC12LC Masami Hirosaka
1996 1/10 on-road RC10L2 Mike Swauger
1999 1/10 2wd off-road RC10B3 Masami Hirosaka
2000 1/10 on-road RC10L3 Masami Hirosaka


Story of Team Associated

In the 60's, Roger Curtis and Lee Yurada formed Associated Electrics. The company specialized in slot cars and accessories.

Lee later on sold his shares of the company to Gene Husting. This was around 1969, and the popularity of slot cars was fading. Associated introduced a 1/8th scale on-road gas car called the RC1.

At this time, Associated had 6 employees; Roger, Gene, Gene's wife, and 3 others.

In the early 70's, Associated produced the RC100 gas car which swept the first 5 places in the IFMAR World Championships.

Next came the 1/12 scale RC12e on-road electric car. Designed by Roger, it was followed by the RC12i, which won the IFMAR 1/12 scale on-road Electric World Championships. By this time, Associated was double its size.

In the 80's, Mike Reedy joined Associated. Electric motors designed by Reedy have won 18 IFMAR World Championships to date.

By now, Associated had 35 employees. Then came the big breakthrough for the company, when Roger designed a 1/10th scale off-road buggy called the RC10. This buggy dominated the 1985 IFMAR 1/10 Off-Road World Championships.

By 1987, Associated had 75 employees. During this time, Cliff Lett joined the company, and the stealth RC10 cars won the 1989 and 1991 IFMAR World Championships. 

Associated produced popular remote control cars such as the RC10, RC12LW, RC10L, RC10LSS, and RC10T.

Today, the tradition for excellent cars continue with the RC10B3, RC10T3, TC3, Nitro TC3, and the newer B4 and T4 models.

Source: Team Associated Web Site, www.rc10.com.

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