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HPI Racing Cars


HPI Racing Cars

HPI racing produces popular electric and gas powered remote control cars, nitro trucks, and mini / micro rc cars. HPI is also well known for their realistic looking touring nitro rc cars.

Picture of HPI remote control cars.

Photo credit: www.hpiracing.com

HPI racing cars are excellent. I bought an HPI RS4 mini electric car. This is a 1/12 scale, 4 wheel drive, electric rc car. 

This car was capable of reaching speeds close to 40 mph, and despite numerous crashes, no parts of the car broke. With my personal experience owning an HPI car, I can say that HPI cars = speed + reliability + fun.

HPI RC Radio Controlled Cars

Photo: Website of HPI Racing. Great feature is their online r/c vehicle selection guide where you can narrow down your choice based on 1) Assembly type, 2) Motor, 3) On-road / Off-road, 4) Speed and 5) Price.

HPI racing is also well known for producing realistic looking remote control touring cars. The body shells and mag wheels are excellent. 

For beginners, HPI produces Ready-to-Run (RTR) car kits. These rc cars are already assembled and are perfect for beginners.

New HPI Racing R/C Cars and Trucks

Update: Here is a comparative list of HPI r/c cars and trucks to help you choose and buy the right model based on price and what you enjoy.

Nitro Off-Road
  1. Revo 3.3
  2. Savage XL
  3. Savage X 4.6
  4. Hellfire
  5. Nitro MT 3 G3.0
  6. Nitro Monster King
  7. Jato 3.3
  8. Slayer
  9. Revo Platinum
  10. T-Maxx 3
Nitro On-Road
  1. Nitro RS4 3 Evo
  2. Nitro 3 18SS
  3. Nitro 4-TEC 3.3
  4. Nitro 3 Evo
  5. Super Nitro
  6. Stage D
  7. Proceed
Electric On-Road
  1. HPI TCX
  2. Sprint 2 Flux
  3. Sprint 2 Drift
  4. Formula 10
  5. E10
  6. Micro RS4 Drift
  7. Cup Racer
  8. Sprint
  9. Dash

HPI RTR Electric RC Cars
The most popular models are the HPI RTR electric cars. Newer models come with the Flux brushless motors and ESC. Newest is the Formula 10 and Cup racer (though not ready to run yet). 

HPI Micro RS4
If you want to race indoors or in a small street or garage with friends, then the HPI micro rs4 electric rc car is best. At 1/18th scale, these small electric remote control cars are fast and fun!

Traxxas Nitro Revo 3.3
The new king of the hill of nitro powered rc monster trucks!

HPI Nitro Savage 21 RTR Monster Truck
For those who crave for size, speed, and nitro power! This is one of the most popular nitro rc monster truck in the hobby.

HPI RTR Nitro RS4 3
The new, shaft drive, nitro rc car from HPI racing. Perfect for parking lot racing. (Discontinued)

HPI Nitro Rush gas powered nitro rc truck
This is a great nitro rc truck for beginners. (Discontinued)


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