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RC Car Tips Newsletter Feedback

Below are some of the 5 star feedback posted on regarding the newsletter / ezine.

good site, 8/23/03
Reviewer: james 
i really enjoy the site its well put together. but i think there should be detailed pics of the vehicles on the site. 

Two thumbs up..., 8/23/03
Reviewer: Faraz Anwar 
Great site and good info for beginners and advanced alike. This site has helped me much with my RC hobby. Keep it up. 

For the best in help and tips about the R/C hobby..., 8/22/03
Reviewer: Ray Mitchell 
You can learn everything from the lingo to how the whole R/C thing got started. Best of all, if you don't find what you are looking for on the site or in the FREE newsletter, you can write to them and the seem to be really happy to go the extra mile to help you out. 

Look, if you need help [as we all do from time to time], this is the place to get it. It's easy, it's free, and there is a WEEKLY newsletter that will come directly to you with tips and tricks to make you a better consumer and driver. It's working for me!

More Feedback from Readers' Emails...

I just started to get the issues of your car tip news letter. I think they are really great. I missed the first five issues and was hoping you could send them me. 

Thanks for the back issues of your zine. While I find a lot of things to be cool or what-have-you, very little in life impresses me. Having said that, I am impressed with what you have done with your site! It is very clear, easy to navigate, and fun. So thank you. I am really looking forward to your e-book on electric cars. I have been "playing" with r/c cars and trucks for a lot of years now, but only now am I getting into things such as modifying them and REALLY racing them. Thank you for the help you have supplied me with. Perhaps with the knowledge you have imparted, I can get over my fear of racing. Thanks! 

Ray Mitchell Jr.

Dear Mr. Joel M.:

Hi. I' am an avid reader of your cartips..everytime you send tips I'm forwarding all the mail to my colleagues who are into RC Cars..



Thanks for the info on this fun hobby. Actually, im still on the research stage with RC and selected to try into Electric first. Im currently in Saudi Arabia and my local hobby shop is supporting Tamiya. RC in the kingdom is not that developed, we dont have tracks here for racing and price of Tamiyas here are double than those offered in the net. But still in not discouraged to pursue this hobby and to spread the word. 

thanks again for this helpful info. Keep it up!!!

Cris Adona

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for emailing all sorts of information about RC's.

Carlo Ancheta

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