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Tamiya Tamtech

The Tamiya Tamtech is a 1/24 scale electric powered radio control car. It is powered by a 7.2v battery pack and you can just imagine how fast this would go. In fact, this mini rc car has too much power.

Unfortunately this rc car is no longer being produced by Tamiya. But you can still get them at eBay and other collectors websites.

Personally I bought two of these models in 1994, in American Hobbies in New York City. One had a Lamborghini body while the other a Ferrari Testarrosa.

Not satisfied with the plastic body, I wanted more realism. That is why I decided on try to put a very realistic 1/24 scale Die-Cast (metal) body on the Tamiya Tamtech chassis. My source for the die-cast body was a 1/24 scale Lamborghini from Bburago.

It was not a perfect fit, and required minor sanding, cutting and drilling. But the end result was very nice. The car looks very realistic, and it still runs.

I even used the rubber tire that came with the Bburago kit and used it on the rear. With the heavier die-cast body the car runs noticeably slower than before. But who cares as long as it looks realistic.

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