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Tamiya's popular nitro monster truck.

Tamiya Nitro RC Truck

1/8th Scale Off-Road Gas - Tamiya's Terra Crusher!

Picture of an rc nitro truck, the Tamiya Terra Crusher.I must have bought over 20 rc cars in the past 20 years in the hobby, and at least half of them are made by Tamiya.

Tamiya is a company well known for making good rc cars, especially for beginners.

This new model, the Tamiya Terra Crusher, is the latest and wildest creation from Tamiya. This is a 1/8 scale gas powered truck that is capable of speeds in excess of 35mph! It is not just a nitro truck, it is a MONSTER truck!

This pre-assembled gas truck is powered by a powerful nitro .18 engine, eight oil dampers, and a forward with reverse transmission. This nitro powered rc truck can run anywhere, especially on the beach and baseball fields. Imagine buying one of these and crushing the rc cars of your friends!

Terra Crusher Nitro RC Truck Specifications

Length 560mm
Width 440mm
Weight 5700g
Wheelbase 360mm
Suspension 4 wheel independent
Body Polycarbonate
Brakes Double disc brakes
Picture of a gas powered monster rc truck.

I love Tamiya rc cars and trucks. Unfortunately, I do not own a Tamiya Terra Crusher (my wife would kill me if I bought another rc truck, I already have over 15 various rc cars and trucks).

However, I was fortunate enough to see someone playing this truck in a local park. And all I can say is... get one if you can. It was big, and very, very, fast. Try to buy one from your local hobby shop.

If you do not have a local rc hobby shop, click here to buy the Tamiya Terra Crusher Nitro RC Truck from a recommended online hobby shop.

Images are copyright by Tamiya.

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