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Traxxas E Maxx Review and Buyer's Guide

About the Traxxas E Maxx
Pictures and Videos of the E Maxx Electric RC Truck
Review of the Traxxas E Maxx
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About the Traxxas E Maxx

The Traxxas E Maxx is a 1/10 scale 4 wheel drive electric powered rc monster truck.

Traxxas E Maxx Motors

Uses a dual 14V 550 electric motors that are fan cooled to provide maximum power to the emaxx. 30% longer armatures as compared to the regular 540 sized motors provide monster torque.

Traxxas E Maxx Truck Suspension

4 inches of ground clearance and 8 oil filled shock absorbers allow the e maxx to crush cars, make big jumps, and go anywhere.

Traxxas E Maxx Drive Transmission

Shaft driven 4 wheel drive, 2 speed transmission, 28 sealed ball bearings, and sealed gearbox makes the emaxx fast, durable, and fun.

Traxxas E maxx Chassis

Molded composite chassis have battery cutouts to lower the center of gravity, allowing the e maxx to corner at fast speeds.

Ready to Run

The emaxx r/c truck rtr comes complete with a Traxxas 3 channel TQ radio control system, Novak electronic speed control, pre-painted ProGraphix body, and some tools.

The only thing left to buy are 8 AA sized batteries, two 7.2 volt battery packs, and a battery charger.

Pictures and Videos of the Traxxas E Maxx Electric RC Truck

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Picture of the Traxxas E Maxx electric powered remote control monster truck.
E maxx picture copyright by Traxxas Corporation

Chassis picture of the e-maxx.
Picture of the e-maxx chassis. Copyright Traxxas Corporation

Videos of the E Maxx

More pictures and videos of the Traxxas E Maxx

Review of the Traxxas E Maxx

22.29 mph (using 6-cells),  30 mph (using 7-cells),  1/10 Electric Monster RC Truck

Quality: 5 stars
Speed: 4 stars
Fun Factor: 5 stars
Price: 4 stars

Overall rating: 4.5 stars (excellent)

* 5 stars is the highest
** Review is the personal opinion of and does not reflect the opinion of other people.

There seems to be no other electric rc truck that comes close to the awesome Traxxas E Maxx, except maybe for the Tamiya TXT-1. Even the popular nitro trucks have a hard time comparing to the E Maxx when it comes to acceleration and overall fun.

The E Maxx has so much torque and acceleration that it can pull wheelies from a standing start, and out accelerate and out pull the original T Maxx nitro truck.

And at 10.07 pounds, this monster truck will crush anything in its path.

The emaxx uses two 14 volt 550 size motors wired in parallel. Two 6-cell battery packs provide the 14 volt power supply to the high quality Novak electronic speed controller (forward, braking, reverse). All this power is put to the ground via 4 wheel drive. 1rst gear provides a lot of low end torque for mountain climbing, while 2nd gear pushes the emaxx to speeds of 23 miles per hour. Use 7 cell batteries and the emaxx will do 30 miles per hour (as fast as the original T maxx).

And considering the high quality parts and technology (i.e. 4 wheel drive, 2 speed transmission, ball bearings, 8 oil filled shocks, Novak speed controller, professionally painted body, 3 channel radio control system) all for a street price of $339, this truck is cheap.

Review of the E-Maxx from Radio Control Car Action Magazine:

Instructions - Good
Parts fit and finish - Very good
Durability - Very good
Overall performance - Very good

Voted as Radio Control Car Action Truck of the Year 2001!

Review of the E-Maxx from the forum of Traxxas:

I have both. The E is a lot easier to deal with than the T. Sure, the T has higher top speed but the E has gobs more torque and can out accelerate and out climb the T any day of the week. Plus the E is al ot more noobie friendly than nitro. I have had more fun with my E in the 3 months I have had it than I have had with the T in the 2 and 1/2 years I've owned it. The only thing I found my T to excel in was a drag race, but that gets old real quick.

RC Racer
Location: Houston, Texas

I switched sides from the T to the E! For me the E is very very fun to run and very simple basically batts and your off no real breaking in the motor like you have to do with the T. I also like to go camping and taking the T was always a nightmare because I always had to try to adjust the carb and what not to get it to run right just couldn't get the hang of the engine so my T never really got ran hard or ran like I wanted to since the whole engine thing confused me. I love my E now in the beginning I wasn't too impressed but thanks to all the info these people on here have given me. All the advice I have gotten has been real good and now like I said I love my E over my T. I am actually trying to sell my T since it collects more shelf dust than yard dust!

RC Competitor
Location: Arizona

I have the E Maxx and was gonna get the T Maxx but from all the stuff ive read on the T Maxx 2.5 problems i decided to get the E Max much to the chagrin of my G/F's brother who wanted me to get the T. Oh well. Anyways, I love my E Maxx and wouldn't trade it for a semi load of T Maxxes. Granted i don't run the best and baddest battery packs and charger around ( oh, don't worry that will all change someday very, very, soon!!!!) but for what i do have i have fun. I get about 10 to 15 minutes run time depending largely on the way i drive it and yes, i mainly drive in high gear and do laps out on the local city park ball diamonds and parking lot. But overall i have a blast with the E Maxx...

RC Racer
Location: Fort Wayne, 

I have both a T-maxx and E-maxx. The T-maxx sounds real nice and is fun to drive but it does accelerate slowly compared to the E-maxx, and requires lots of maintenance. The T-maxx was my second r/c truck i bought and that was almost a mistake. I had troubles at first getting it to work right and tuning it, and my step dad seemed to be doing more bad then good. So i had to take it to the hobby shop and they helped out. 
The e-maxx is much easier and you don't even have to break the the motors in. It takes like 8 (not real sure about how many runs) runs to break the engine in on the T-maxx and you gotta take it nice and easy, which is pretty hard to do when you got this new truck and you want to see what it can do. 
I would stick with the E-maxx if your looking for something that is pretty maintenance free and is very easy to fix.

RC Qualifier
Location: Wisconsin

Thanks for all the info guys. I have gone out today and bought myself the big "E"! This thing is (edited) awesome. 
Thanks again guys!!!

RC poster

Buy the Traxxas E Maxx

Q: Where can I buy a Traxxas emaxx for sale?

A: You can buy this fast rc truck from your local hobby shop or conveniently order one online. 

Click here now to buy a Traxxas E Maxx online.

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