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Traxxas Rustler

Cheap and fun rc electric truck.

About the Traxxas Rustler
Pictures of the Traxxas Rustler
Review of the Traxxas Rustler
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About the Traxxas Rustler

Picture of the traxxas rustler electric powered rc truck.The Traxxas Rustler is a fun, 1/10 scale rc electric truck. It is ready-to-run out of the box.

Technical specifications: 1/10, 2 wheel drive, Stinger 20 turn electric motor, electronic speed control, huge rubber tires. 


Pictures of the Traxxas Rustler

There are plenty of Traxxas Rustler pictures in the Web site of Traxxas. Visit their site to see more of their popular rc electric trucks and other models.

Remember to come back to RC Car Tips for information on the best rc electric trucks and where you can buy online, on sale, at big discounts.

Review of the Traxxas Rustler

For me the best value electric rc truck from Traxxas is the Rustler RTR Truck w/radio & ESC.

I strongly recommend buying this truck because...

  • It comes ready to run
  • It comes with an electronic speed control
  • It comes with a TQ radio control system
  • Powerful 20 turn stock motor
  • Speeds of 20 - 25 mph

Reviews (unedited) as posted on the Traxxas forum...

the rustler is more durable than they say it is 
this evening i was jumping my totally stock rustler on about a 2 foot high ramp and got about 3 ft high and 7 feet long. then my friend got under the ramp and lifted it almost all the way up and i was going towards the ramp and he kept it up . so i hit the ramp and got about 7ft high and about 6 ft far. i thought for sure my rusty was burnt toast but i didn't break anything, the only thing that happened was my left shock spring popped off. not even a scratch

pensacola florida

I would go so far as to say it's the best beginner truck. It is tough as nails and you can upgrade it as your skills get better and better. You can build this thing up enough to compete with all the Losi and Associated trucks at your local track. No, you're not going to compete at nationals with it but it will be just fine at a local track. I've had my Rustler since...94' maybe? Anyway, that thing is still plugging along. Original chassis even. It hasn't had an easy life either.

Lindsborg, KS

Buy the Traxxas Rustler

There are two models being sold, one with an electronic speed control, another with a cheaper mechanical speed control.

With a difference of only $20, I recommend you buy the one with the electronic speed control. You will have more fun and control over your rc electric truck.

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